I have had great fortune to cross paths with another humble, hard-working individual, Larsen Thompson. We met through the dance community and she has now also made the cross over to major modeling with Next Management.

Larsen brought something extra special to our shoot — a t-shirt from Shaun Ross, her mentor, representing his #InMySkinIWin campaign. It encompasses a beautiful message that I feel everyone can use in their lives — raising others’ spirits by raising your own sense of self-worth.

My long-term goal for photography is to promote social and environmental awareness campaigns. My dear Ambrose keeps reminding me that I can work in my goals NOW. So, I was very ecstatic that this opportunity arose. It’s funny because one of my very top photographer inspirations is Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure. Both Shaun & Rick’s messages overlap so much. Maybe someday I will get to meet and work alongside both of them. 😀

Ambrose, of course, did an amazing job pulling this look together and Larsen really is such a natural, but hard-working talent. One of our inspiration photos was an idea from Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video, that brought together a bunch of trending photography styles into movement. This was absolutely the right moment to use the idea.

“Raise your environment with care.” – Shaun Ross


Are you currently involved in any social or environmental movements? If so, what are they? I love to hear more of what’s out there.